What is wrong with our governor?

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What is wrong with our governor? Phil Murphy says that the Constitution is something that he does not think about when making decisions.

He said the following in a Fox News interview, he “wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights” while implementing social-distancing measures — writing off any constitutional considerations as being “above [his] pay grade.” What!? What is wrong with him, the Constitution is something that he swore to obey and protect upon being sworn into office.

Our governor is way out of his element and he knows it. And yet with his ‘Chicken Little’ behavior we the people of New Jersey have to suffer his delusions of power without restraint.

Murphy tweeted the following today, “Yesterday we lost another 362 New Jerseyans to #COVID19 related complications. We’ve now lost 3,518 members of our New Jersey family to this virus. Social distancing doesn’t seem so much of an inconvenience if it means that we don’t have to keep mourning so many blessed souls.” Governor social-distancing is one thing, but you have gone well beyond that and have locked down the state. You are damaging the economy of this state and now your are saying that the target date to reopen businesses is June 1st. In an interview with ABC News Murphy stated the following, “I’ll be the happiest guy, if not in New Jersey, maybe in America or on the planet if we’re able to start getting back on our feet on June 1,But we’ve got to have broken the back of the virus. We’ve got to have that health care infrastructure in place. And we’ve got a plan that both works for us, for the region and for the country.”

Even Murphy recognizes the fact that the ‘curve has leveled off’ and yet he thinks we can wait till June. The man is out of touch with reality! Our economy is already tanking and if we what till when he thinks it is safe we will be in deep trouble.

Governor the people of New Jersey are ready to go back to work. Many have exhausted their bank accounts and if we have to wait another four weeks or more for things to start to get back to normal, this state’s economy may go so far into the red that it may take years to recover.

Stop being a dictator and start to realize how wrong your approach is. We should have isolated the venerable, like they have done successfully in Sweden. And practiced ‘Social-distancing’ to achieve a flattening of the curve. You should have not panicked and shut just about everything down.

Governor Murphy you (and plenty of other politicos) cried ‘Wolf’ when you should have kept your head and not shutdown the state. Your ‘Chicken Little’ rantings about the sky is falling when it was not have helped no one and in fact it has caused too many Jerseyans much harm.

I predict that many small businesses will never open their doors again because of your misguided executive orders. Shame on you governor! You have not been a leader, you are just one of the sheep. We need true leadership and you have demonstrated that you are not the man we need as governor.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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