Angel of Death

A dark shadow is enveloping the globe, it is a virus that mankind calls Covid-19. I call it the Angel of Death because it kills without mercy. May the Angel of Death pass over your abode and cause no harm to those that you love, cherish, respect or even just like.

This is a time of great anguish and even greater love. Death has come among us and it stalks all of humanity. It takes no holiday and you can not hide from it nor can you ignore it. For death is a part of the cycle of life and yet the young have no fear of it, the middle aged feel indifferent about it and the old just plain accept it.

It (Covid-19) can not be seen with the naked eye and yet it is so dangerous that we fear to get in close proximity to one another because of it. A thing that many can not comprehend and do not understand why it even exists. It is among us and those who are not foolish feel revulsion at the thought of this minute infinitesimal virus hunting down its prey, us- Humanity!

May the Lord bless you and protect you. May you and yours walk through the valley of death and come out on the other side hale and healthy.

No matter what you believe in or if you hold no belief in any greater entity, this infinitesimal particle of death exists and this can not be denied. Those of you who think you understand or believe in the finality of life, do you or do you just think that you do? And for those who think that it seems to go on forever, will you change your mind when the Angel of Death in the guise of Covid-19 knocks on the door of someone who means something to you or even you?

When it is time to depart this ethereal plane may it not involve gasping for breath, feeling all alone because you are in the hospital isolated from your loved ones and you have no one to express your fear of your upcoming trip into oblivion.

While we all are born of woman, we each die in our own way. And when that time comes may your loved ones be with you and may you be at peace with both yourself and the world in general.

May your love of one another move you to help those who can not help themselves. At a time like this we each must reach down inside of ourselves and find the strength to overcome our fear(s) to do a kindness because it is needed. Not because you are shamed into helping, but because you understand the need for good deeds.

I was moved to write this upon hearing of the death of the father of my best friend and a woman I knew who both perished from Covid-19.

The above is dedicated to those who have departed from this earthly plane who I love and still miss very much, my parents.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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