Stay at home Phil

New Jersey is closed!

Stay at home Phil (Murphy) is at it again! The state health department closed Atilis Gym in South Jersey claiming there were health code violations (Covid-19 shutdown order).

From NBC 10 Philadelphia, “A spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Health emailed NBC10 a copy of its closure order.

Citing the fact that the virus can be spread through close contact, the department determined that Atilis Gym poses a “threat to the public health by failing to adhere to the measures taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” the disease caused by the virus. The department’s order also said that allowing businesses to set “their own divergent health measures” poses a threat to public safety.” Strange order by the health department because they did not inspect the gym before issuing the order. The owner of the gym said that, “the health department had not been inside the gym to take a look at the safety measures put in place to protect patrons, and he vowed to file a lawsuit.

From The Hill, “Atilis is operating the facility at 20 percent capacity, enforcing temperature checks upon entry, and requiring mask use unless a member is performing a strenuous workout, such as lifting weights.” Sounds like reasonable health guidelines were being used by the gym’s owners to me. And the governor stoops to draconian methods to harass a small business into submission. This just shows how Phil Murphy wants to maintain control without regard to the true health and safety of the public.

Now in late May the opposition party has finally started to take a stand against the governor, “Republicans have introduced legislation in both the Senate and Assembly that would limit the amount of time a governor’s emergency order could remain in effect without legislative approval.

I do not object to the governor having power to take immediate action in the case of an emergency,” wrote Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Morris) in a post on the Assembly Republicans’ website. “I do object to the lack of legislative oversight.”

Where Murphy gets the power he is now wheedling is from the Civilian Defense and Disaster Control Act. Here is what the act is supposed to do, “The purpose of this act is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people of the State of New Jersey … by prescribing a course of conduct for the civilian population of this State during such emergency and by centralizing control of all civilian activities having to do with such emergency under the Governor and for that purpose to give to the Governor control over such resources of the State Government and of each and every political subdivision thereof as may be necessary to cope with any condition that shall arise out of such emergency and to invest the Governor with all other power convenient or necessary to effectuate such purpose.

Here is what Murphy said about his role, “I would just say, emphatically, that it takes a village, we’ve said that from day one,” Murphy said. “There’s a role I have to play, that we play, that the Legislature plays, that county executives — especially the health teams of counties — mayors, others … Everyone’s got a role to play here. And in the case of the Legislature, again, I thank them for the roles that they’re playing.” It seems to me that the governor has gotten a taste of real unregulated power and does not want to give it up. By renewing his emergency powers without even consulting with the legislature he has shown disdain for the constitutional powers that the other elected officials have.

A Republican has introduced a bill that would limit the time the governor’s emergency powers could last before having to be approved by the legislature. I know that many Democrats are getting fed up with Murphy and maybe they will rebel against the governor and support such legislation. But I think this will only happen if we the people of New Jersey show both support for such a bill and also voice contempt for the governor’s mishandling (and abuse) of his emergency powers.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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