Should America Reopen Now?

Pening America

Should America reopen now and should there be a new normal?

Per IHME the curve is now flat and has been since about April 5th. As it is now May 26th some states have started to reopen. Looking at Florida specifically Jacksonville I again see a flat line. Why is that significant? Because people did not social distance and many did not wear any face masks. It is more than the two week incubation period for the virus and there is no uptick. Thus all is well there. So much for you gloom and doomers.

So far it looks to me that there is no reason that states where the virus has flat lined should not be open and people go back to work. Wearing a cloth mask should not be needed nor wearing gloves be required either. I have already addressed why the cloth masks are worthless and may even cause more health problems.

I think that the virus has burned itself out (at least for now, it may make a reappearance in the Fall) and with that thought in mind we really should stop worrying about all the crazy precautions the government has been telling us to do.

And those who talk about a ‘New Normal’ should stop their nonsense. After the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 did the world change, the answer is a big NO! Time to go back to normal and stop this hiding from Covid-19. Will more people die? Of course some will and this is part of life.

We can not allow ourselves to become paranoid and forever act like a bunch of ostriches hiding our heads in the sand. Come now people stop being sheep and bleating about how someone is not wearing a mask in public. The virus is gone and we have to go back to normal. Otherwise people will start suffering mentally from the isolation and may start hurting themselves or others.

I ask those who are in positions of leadership to lead instead of dictate. To inspire, not complain and lead us all back to normal. Do not keep talking about a “New Normal’ for you will be doing a disservice to the people you serve and remember this- Human beings need to be in physical contact with other human beings, that is part of being human.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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