Arbitrary Decisions

New Jersey is closed!

Our governor can’t justify his arbitrary decisions on who should be open and under what conditions should reopening occur.

Why Governor Phil Murphy thinks that he understands what it means to keep businesses closed due to his Covid19 shutdown of March 21st is just about unfathomable. Yes it has been close to three months now that Murphy in his infinite non-wisdom forced just about every business in the state of New Jersey to close. He used the idea of flattening the curve as his reasoning. The curve has been flattened now for over a month and only a few restrictions on opening of businesses has occurred. Murphy has no concept of how the economic impact has not only devastated our businesses, it has also severely compromised the ability of the state to operate due far less revenues coming in.

From Murphy’s Plan for New JerseyPrinciple 5: Execute a Responsible Economic Restart

• Create the Governor’s Restart and Recovery Commission to advise on the process and recommend responsible and equitable decisions;
• Plan for a methodical and strategic return to work based on level of disease transmission risk and essential classification;
• Continuation of social distancing measures where feasible and appropriate;
• Leverage any available federal funds and programs to support health care, individual, and small business recoveries.

The above is just makes assumptions that have no basis in reality. For example the first one on creating a commission, can’t the governor ask for advice from the business community instead? This would be far better than a commission and would allow for the restart of the state economy much faster.

Points two and three are just not being carried out. Murphy is either caving in to pressure from the public or randomly deciding who should reopen. There does not seem to be any well defined reasoning being used by the governor at all.

I must point out that the curve has been flattened since early April and still the governor is reluctant to just let everyone reopen. His scare tactic(s) about how he says that if we do not do it his way will cause a major uptick in Covid19 cases. That is just untrue. All you have to do is to see how other states that have restarted their economies are doing. None have had any major outbreaks of Covid19, so why is Murphy stalling?

Why is it safe to keep open Target or Walmart and not let J C Penny or Kohl’s reopen? The former have grocery departments while the latter do not. But both Target and Walmart have all departments open, so the governor’s reasoning is faulty at best and criminal at worst.

Could it be his inability to govern or is it his need to be in the limelight? I personally think that it is both. And I call on the governor to stop this nonsense and let the people of New Jersey get back to normal now!

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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