Coronavirus the facts

Covid19 testing

Coronavirus the facts and no hype. I will discuss below the facts from trusted sources and hopefully without any of the political spin or media hysteria.

I will start with some information and facts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please go to the link and scroll down to map of the United States. Taking a look the map the virus hit hardest the Northeast, Midwest, Florida, Texas, California and Arizona. All of these areas exceeded over 40,000 cases.

Continuing to scroll down to Cases by Age. You will note that age group with the most infected are between 18 and 44 with the 44 to 64 about two thirds of the 18 to 44 age group. Please now scroll down to Cases by Race/ Ethnicity. The first thing that should strike you is that Whites and Latinos were infected at the same levels followed by those who are Black. I think that the media has been playing with the figures to suit their purposes. If you grouped Latino and Black cases then of course you will find that about fifty five percent of the cases are in these two groups. But it should be noted that about thirty four percent of the Whites got the virus. About the same as Blacks. So the virus does not discriminate between race or ethnicity. For whatever reason Asians and Native Americans have not suffered from the coronavirus as the other groups have.

From Our World in Data, Oxford and Global Change Data Lab, I ask you to scroll down to the Daily Covid-19 cases and deaths. The chart should be for the United States. Looking at the chart you will notice that the spike took place on April 26th with about forty nine thousand cases and about twenty two hundred deaths. Note these are confirmed numbers. From this chart you can see that the curve has flattened. I used this source for one reason, it is not a group based in the United States and Oxford is a very well respected university.

Here is where I will make some comments that are all my own. They are my observations based on the above resources. One the virus, at least for now, seems to be abating. I know that there has been comments, by the media and some medical experts, that there is some spiking in the younger age groups. But you must understand that testing has been ramped up substantially in the last month. This can account for the spiking of positive testing results.

I will continue next week with this. Please do look at the links. They are not biased and should be used as markers of what is really happening.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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