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Governor Phil Murphy has now extended the public health emergency executive order once again. This is a total of three times, which equals ninety days as each order automatically expires after thirty days. Will he again extend this order? My educated guess is yes!

In the mean time Murphy has decided that we are in stage 2 of his reopening plan. This stage includes outdoor dining, limited in-person retail, hair salons and barber shops, youth summer programs, in-person clinical research/labs, limited fitness/gyms, limited in-person government services (Motor Vehicle Commission) and museums/libraries.

No one but Murphy knows how he is determining when each stage is reached. Steve Sweeney, the Senate President, has asked Murphy for the data the governor is using and the governor has continually brushed him off. From the Shore News Network, “Steve Sweeney, a Democrat today was quoted in the Press of Atlantic City as saying, “My big fear is we’re going to reopen later than we should.”  It was a comment directed at the seemingly haphazard plan for reopening businesses that many in the state still can’t figure out.   In New Jersey, you can go to your local Target or Walmart to buy beauty products, but beauty supply stores remain closed.  You can buy garden supplies from Lowes and Home Depot, but garden supply shops are shut down.  You can buy alcohol, cigarettes and vape products at the local liquor store, but vape shop owners are being charged with criminal charges for operating their own business.   It makes no sense.

Now, some in his own party are starting to feel the heat being created by the seeming runaway train Murphy’s reopening plan has become.

The governor is being sued by a gym owner and the Republicans, the“governor was out of bounds when he “arbitrarily” decided some businesses were not essential, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in state Superior Court in Cape May, and Murphy’s decision to shutter part of the state has caused “irreparable harm to innumerable small businesses.”

What I find most disturbing is the fact that Murphy will not disclose the data he is using to determine when to reopen businesses and public facilities (and such). Murphy’s reply is this- ““We make the decision about what’s essential and what’s not essential … based on data, science, facts, health,” he added, and argued that deeming only some businesses as “essential” was not unique to the Garden State.” Well governor you are being too secretive and thus it seems more like a set of arbitrary decisions on your part. And the way you are deciding when to open defies scientific logic. It seems to be that science does not really come into your decision making process at all. You are hurting the people of New Jersey and causing long term harm to the businesses of this state.

I again label you as ‘Chicken Little’ because you fear losing control. At this point it is not about the coronavirus at all. It is all about you being in control, your crazy reaction when the people of New Jersey don’t follow your executive orders shows that. Calling people knuckleheads is childish and shows how much you need to be the one with all the answers.

Governor Murphy it is time for you to get out of the public spotlight and let those with the proper knowledge and ability to rationally guide us through this pandemic.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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