If I only did this

Michelle Obama

Have you lately been thinking “If I only did this or If I had done that?” Well I have and it is happening more and more.

Is there some reason for doing this or is it a mental way of being resigned to one’s fate? In other words letting whatever will happen, happen?

Sometimes I find myself just thinking that if I had only done the other thing instead of what I did, that my life would be different. I would think that there are many of you who in these stressful times are thinking along these very same lines. Does this mean that some form of mental disease is present? I think not.

As time has progressed, we the public have been bombarded with new rules and measures to keep us safe from Covid-19. Has all the safety precautions we have to obey caused more mental stress? I say yes to that!

The other day I saw an article that stated that Michelle Obama is now dealing with low grade depression. Well Michelle, who isn’t! The world as we knew it is no more, at least for the time being. That’s just me trying to be the optimist.

We human beings are thinking animals and under the stressful conditions we now are facing from this pandemic who could blame you for thinking what could I have done differently.

I’m no philosopher or doctor of psychiatry, just a regular run of the mill kind of guy. And I think that the reason I am thinking about what I could have done differently is a way of trying to keep myself from going, pardon the expression, crazy!

So if I were you and I am of course not. Maybe it is not such a bad thing to wonder about what would have happened if I took that alternate path.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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