The Sky is the Limit

Murphy the taxer

Per Governor Murphy the sky is the limit. What am I talking about, taxes of course and wait till you read what is being proposed!

Per, “The governor’s proposed tax hikes would hit millionaires, smokers, gun owners, corporations, boat sales and limo rides. The budget proposal, he said, reflects a new reality spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, one in which the demands on government are heightened while its resources are shrinking.” Governor do you not get it? New Jersey taxpayers are tapped out for the most part and you are mostly the cause of this.

You (Governor Murphy) and your pandemic shutdown rules have forced too many businesses to close forever! From JC Penney to the little locally owned bodegas New Jersey state government has caused them to either close stores or close the business altogether.

Murphy talks about moving forward and yet he admits that the pandemic has hit the state government fiscally hard. And yet he proposed this piece of garbage. What the governor wants is a ““baby bonds” plan to provide savings bonds in 18 years to children born in 2021 to families with no more than five times the federal poverty level and making the largest contribution to the pension fund for government workers in state history.

What is wrong with you governor? You admit that Covid19 pandemic has hurt the state coffers and then you have the gall to propose a giveaway program and propose to make the largest pension contribution for state workers to their pension fund. Somehow I think that for a man who graduated from the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) with a MBA should know better. What were you doing? Sleeping in class?

It is time for Murphy to leave, he has damaged this state too much already.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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