Mail-in Voting

NJ mail in ballot

Will mail-in voting cause major problems in New Jersey? This is a Presidential election year and for the first time New Jersey is going with mail-in ballots except for those who are disabled.

Have you received your ballot yet? If not you better get in touch with your county elections board. You should have gotten it by now and the election is coming up fast.

For those who have theirs be aware of some pitfalls that might make your ballot invalid. The big one is to make sure when you sign it that you remember to do it the same way as when you are at the polls. The signature not matching can cause you a big headache.

For information on this election go to the 2020 New Jersey Voter Information Portal. This is run by the State of New Jersey and has all the information you need so your vote will count. There are even videos on how to complete and return your ballot.

Now for the problems that going only mail-in only can cause. If you have been listening to the radio you might have heard about some people getting ballots for people who do not reside at their address anymore. They might have died or moved and yet they are being sent a ballot. Or how about you know of someone who got a ballot and is either not registered to vote or even not eligible because they are not a citizen of the United States. This is happening and it is going on in a bigger scale than ever. Why is this happening? Maybe because New Jersey is not purging the voter records and the state is using the driver license database to determine who to send ballots to.

Is voter fraud going to be as bad as President Trump is making it out to be? I doubt it, but the voter elections boards are going to be overloaded like they have never have been before. You can thank Governor Murphy for this mess. His paranoia about Covid-19 knows no bounds. If we can go shopping, go out to eat or just get a haircut there seems to be no logical reason that we can not vote in person.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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