Do we still have a Democracy?

Amerkican Democracy

Do we still have a democracy here in the good old USA? Maybe not for without the allowing of two sides of an argument there is no democracy! Today our government and private big business is suppressing information about the Coronavirus epidemic.

Have we entered the world of the novelist H. G. Wells? Are we experiencing the real 1984?

When you use Google to find answers to the questions you might have about the virus, what you get are only those highly filtered references that Google and our government think you should hear. The same goes for Twitter, Facebook and many other social platforms.

This undemocratic and diabolical. For it negates one of the foundations of our Democratic Republic. The ability to hear all sides of an argument, issue, etc. By denying this simple thing we have started down the road to dictatorship.

When did it become wrong to hear the pros and cons of anything? It seems that it has happened and we the American public has just let the politicians and big business control what we know. I know for a fact that the whole truth has been suppressed. And how do I know this? Well go and try to find out the negatives. What you will find out is that you will have a very difficult time doing so.

Why are they doing this? To prevent panic of course. Giving the public easy answers keeps us under their control. With the illusion that we the people are still in charge.

To not allow negative reports, arguments, etc. is just wrong. In fact it is just unAmerican! Without all sides being heard how can anyone make true and just conclusions? In all truth you can not!

It is time to stand up to our politicians and big business. We must tell them we have had enough of their scare tactics. We want to be able to hear all sides. Not just a one sided argument in their favor.

Why are they so frightened to let us hear all sides? Is the truth too horrible to contemplate? Or do they just want to control us? Whatever the answer is we can not let them keep doing this to us. For if we do, we as a country will drift into a dictatorship.

The foundation of our Democratic Republic is the freedom of information that we until now have always enjoyed. Yes it has be somewhat curtailed in times of war, but we are not at war. And do not give me that false phrase- “We are at war against a pandemic.” It is not war.

So let us resist this gagging of the truth. We can not let the status quo remain in effect. We just can not!

It is not a matter of be pro this or anti that. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We the people of the United States of America should and can not allow this to continue! For all our sake’s this can not continue.

The truth whatever it may be, it is better for it to be known rather than hiding it behind misleading or even false platitudes. Have you not heard the expression “The truth will set you free?” So now is the time to rise to the occasion and make your voices heard.

Yes I say, raise your voices loud and clear. Demand that you want to hear all sides, all arguments for and against. So you can make up your own mind without being mislead because you are denied all the facts.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike


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