Why is Murphy Governor?

Murphy the taxer

I can not fathom why Murphy is still a popular governor. His latest debacle is that he waited till 10:00PM to declare a State of Emergency for New Jersey.

This from a man who orders out the salt spreaders if there is even a hint of snow in the air. Chicken Little he is and will always be.

Least we forget the young woman who was raped while working for Murphy’s initial gubernatorial campaign. Murphy did little to nothing about it. Another staff member was the rapist. What kind of man is Murphy that he did not at least have the allegations looked into? After all the woman did tell him and his wife,in person, what had happened? Nothing as far as Murphy was concerned. And yet the woman won a judgement that the state has to pay a good amount of money to her.

And there have been other major problems with Murphy. Such as him saying that if you don’t like New Jersey’s high taxes, you should leave. What idiot says that? Especially when we have the highest taxes in the nation!  Murphy wants control. Total control and a man like that is very dangerous!

I could go on and on. But I know that somehow those who now love Murphy will not learn the truth that he is bad for New Jersey.

Well I tried. A very happy Labor Day to all.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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