Our Weather is Worsening

Weather Map

Our weather is worsening. Some say it is due to global warming and others this is due to a cycle we are in. In either case there have been record temperature readings, more tornadoes and hurricanes plus other forms of bad weather conditions.

There is plenty of people with much more expertise than I have on this subject. So I thought it might be a good idea to show you some of the tools you have available to use to track weather phenomena.

For day to day weather conditions my favorite two places to go are – US National Weather Service and Dark Sky.

The National Weather Service site gives you not only the forecast. You can get information on things like the air quality, what storm warnings are showing up, radar that shows you where the rain is plus much more pertinent information and something they call the Tabular Forecast. It is a table of weather conditions such as temperature, dew point, wind speed, etc. for today and many days in the past.

Dark Sky also gives you the forecast and much more. Such as an hour by hour forecast or a map showing the total precipitation, radar and much more. It is more of a micro weather forecasting tool. Try it and you will find it invaluable.

Would it not be great to be able to track thunderstorms and tornadoes? Well you can with TORNADOHQ! One thing you can do is enable voice and/or audible alerts. Of course it lets you select the area you want to view for storms. Also there is a list of the active storms that you can click-on to view.

How about if you want to see where lightning strikes are occurring? Well Lightning Maps let you do that. You can also look at the statistics plus the archives.


I have just barely touched the surface of what is available. The above are all for use with a browser. But if you look at the apps that you can install on your cell phone you will find them useful when on the run. I will let you go and explore yourself.

Have fun and stay safe.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike


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