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Will the GOP Splinter?

Trump Romney McCain
There has been speculation from those in the know that the GOP might splinter! Will Donald Trump’s running for President be the cause for the Republican Party to schism? This past week Mitt Romney and John McCain railed against Trump calling him many things including being a fraud. Could this cause the party to split into at least two parties? Continue reading Will the GOP Splinter?

Speaker of the House

John Boehner


Why is the job of Speaker for the House of Representatives such an unwanted job? John Boehner’s sudden decision to leave tells the American public that this job is a political time bomb that could result in a schism for the Republican Party. The Tea Party politicians have been trying to force Boehner out for quite awhile and now that he said he is leaving at the end of October there is no one who wants the job. Continue reading Speaker of the House