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Donald Trump and Barack Obama do have something in common; both of them are dealing with an extremely active political opposition. Trump seems to have stirred up a hornet’s nest of people who are determined to stop him from getting the Republican nomination for President. While the President has earned the ire of both Democrats and Republicans with both his policies and the way he governs.


Everything I am going to say in this blog are my opinion(s) and there will be no quotes or references. Now is the time to take off my gloves and show you the truth, whether you like it or not. I fully expect that most of the people who completely read this blog will find it a little different than any other.


So everyone has their own personal impression of Mr. Trump, some of you think he is wonderful and most others just outright hate him and/or are afraid of what he stands for. He seems to have earned the praise of the common man (woman), they say that our professional politicians have messed up this wonderful country of ours and that it is time for a non-politician to be President. I do not agree that Mr. Trump is a non-politician, but I also have to tell you that he will end up causing more problems than solutions. New Jerseyans only have to point out Jon Corzine as an example who was both a US Senator for our state and our Governor for one term. He was/is a businessman with no real political experience and none of the political acumen needed to govern either! Why did he get elected to an office(s) he had no business being in? Well the simple truth is that he had the money to pay for his own campaign; does this sound familiar? And he did not have any political baggage; again I reiterate does this sound familiar? Well Corzine was a total disaster as both a US Senator as well as a terrible Governor! So why do people think that Donald Trump can do the office of President any justice without the proper political experience is a very big conundrum to me.


Mr. Trump has fanned the flames of political hatred of the mainstream Republicans, of Democrats and many independent voters. Those who actively oppose him have gone as far as to block access to his political rallies and disrupting the events with outbreaks including and up to running up onto the podium to interrupt the event. The whys are well known and will not be addressed here, but I will say that this is not the way to protest!


Whatever reason you might have to support Donald Trump, you might want to rethink the reason why. If he does become President I think that his style of governing will be similar to Andrew Jackson’s and he was not a good President at all. But, he was popular with the masses!


Our wonderful President Obama is another example of a man who was and I consider still to be politically naïve. He seems to think that he can do as he pleases and dam the political consequences. Plus the Republicans from the right seem to think that the President is the devil! Yes I said the devil. For they think that he is an ultra liberal progressive politician, when in reality those of his own party who are progressives, think that is not progressive enough. Does either side make any sense; well I will leave that for some other time (perhaps).


What I do know is that when he makes up his mind on something he just does not know how to let go or compromise. Again this man is also politically naïve, as he was only in office as a US Senator for a very short time before running for President. Yet he was voted into the highest office in the land; why some of you may ask, well because in my opinion he was a first. What first am I talking about? To make it plain and simple because he is the first man of his race is why. That is a fact, at least to me, and I feel the main reason he was elected.


President Obama has shown that he can not govern effectively without a majority in both the House and the Senate. In my opinion it is because he does not have the political experience necessary to be able to craft compromises that are a requirement when dealing with the opposition. Plus his mind set is only on doing things his way and he does not easily change his mind. Also, someone told me that the President is a very thoughtful thinker and looks at things from different angles. If that is true he must be wearing blinders when he is doing his thinking.


The Republican majority in the House of Representatives does not want to compromise either and is now blocking the President from putting a Supreme Court Justice in to replace the late Antonin Scalia. They justify this by stating that we are in an election year and the next President should be the one to select the next Justice. What a bunch of political bull that is and it just shows that the Republicans think that it is a certainty that their nominee will be the next President. They should know by now that there are no guarantees and cooperation is better than stonewalling.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike




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