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No gas tax hike


New Jersey State Senator Jennifer (Jen) Beck (R) has come up with a solution to funding the Transportation Trust Fund without raising the Gasoline Tax. This morning, May 26th, she officially announced it on 101.5 FM and latter that same morning held a press conference with Prosperity-NJ.


Senator Beck said, “This long-term plan can be supported by a modest state revenue growth, which is the average for the last six years, and with two key components: reining in employee health benefit costs and consolidating New Jersey’s separate transportation entities into one unit. To that end, I am introducing legislation today that aims to move State employee health benefits from their current ‘platinum’ levels to avoid the looming ‘Cadillac Tax’ on overly generous plans. Additionally, my legislation forms a task force to implement a consolidation of the State’s separate transportation agencies into one department.” She then went on to say “I have heard from the residents in my district loud and clear: New Jerseyans are seeking tax relief, not increased taxes. I urge all residents to sign my petition and register their voices to be heard.”


She went on to say that all the Democrats are proposing is to raise the Gas Tax 20-40 cents per gallon and that if the tax is raised the working poor would be hurt the most. So much for the idea that the Democrats are looking out for the middleclass and working poor, at least here in New Jersey. If her proposed bill works as she envisions it, then the Transportation Trust Fund would have the monies necessary to repair our broke transportation system. The Democratic proposals shown to the public would just further damage our local state economy and put us into further debt down the road. I have myself expressed my opinions on raising the Gas Tax before and I find that I am not in favor of raising it because of the same reasons the senator raises plus the fact as fuel mileage goes up revenue would go down. Plus with more and more electric cars being made, taxes from gasoline sales would go down.


At the press conference Erica Jedynak, New Jersey State Director of Americans for Prosperity said that “New Jersey residents are seeking lower spending, lower taxes and leadership from Trenton. With the DOT mismanaging projects like Route 35—a boondoggle that will cost state taxpayers an extra $35 million—they are right to oppose a gas tax hike and demand answers.” “Our grassroots support for not increasing the gas tax gets louder and louder each day. The public is with us on this issue and lawmakers should know AFP will continue to use our resources to not only fight the gas tax hike, but to hold them accountable on this issue.” I have to totally agree with her and do not understand why many of our state legislators are not listening to their constituents, that is an important part of their job.


No matter what party you support please take a good look at what Senator Beck is proposing and I urge you to sign her petition, I have!


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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