Who are third party candidates Part 3?

Presdential Third Parties


Now in this week’s blog “Who are the third party candidates Part 3” I will now finally get to the other miscellaneous small parties who are also fielding a Presidential candidate. If you have not done so go take a look at Part 1 and 2.


In alphabetical order the parties are as follows: America’s Party, Party of Socialism and Liberation, Prohibition Party, Reform Party USA, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Workers Party, Veterans Party of America and Workers World Party. Quite a long list of independent parties, please note that they may or may not be on the ballot in your state.


Note that a number of these parties have socialism as part of their name, have they not learned that socialism like communism does not work? I guess that they have not learned the lessons that those in what is now Russia and the other former communist countries have learned. Use the above provided link to find out more about these minor parties.


There are of course individual candidates running for President and again use the above mentioned link to find more information on them.


What I will now address is the wonderful political spectrum that we as voters have here in the United States. We have of course Hillary and Donald representing their respective parties, and then there of course are the many small but active third parties and finally the totally independent candidates. If you think about how we have a large selection of people and parties to choose from, you must realize how truly blessed this country  is. The media tend to ignore the third party candidates, but if you do not like either of the main ones then you might want to look at these people as possible choices.


The way a certain candidate is acting kind of turns me off and the other has too many ghosts in their closet for my tastes. But that is my problem and I will have to deal with it. Maybe I will write-in for president my dog. He could do no worse than those that are running and he likes people a lot too!


Oh well, so much for daydreaming. Reality still intrudes into all of our lives and the wonderful word of political machinations will proceed us down the path towards our November election. It should a very interesting election and who knows what will happen next, maybe something will shake up this campaign season. You never know what will happen on the campaign trail nor what a candidate might let slip from their very own lips!


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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