Executive order to transfer funds to TTF

NJ gas tax rip-off


The Governor has issued an emergency executive order to transfer money from the General Fund to the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). My big question is why one did Christie wait so long and really Governor Christie do you think you are fooling anyone by shifting funds by slight of hand?


As you might well know, if you have been reading my blog for awhile, I have been expounding on the fact the TTF is not really in a untouchable account, but part of the General Fund and thus what he did is just pushing paper around. I am not fooled and neither should you the reader. This is just typical New Jersey political machinations in action and nothing more.


The Governor stated that “No evident progress has been made by the Legislature to pass a single, viable bill to reauthorize the TTFA. A well-maintained transportation infrastructure is essential to the operation of New Jersey’s economy and the people who rely upon it in all aspects of their daily lives. The current situation will persist until the Senate and the General Assembly pass an acceptable TTFA funding bill. Until they do so, the State must use money from the General Fund for emergency road, bridge, and mass transportation work.” Really Governor; who are you trying to fool with this lie?


I must note that there will be a question this Fall on the ballot that will ask if you want a true trust fund that can not be used for anything else but transportation. Christie’s Executive Order 213 directs the state Treasurer to make available general funds for expenses determined to be absolutely essential for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the people of the State of New Jersey, or that are required to ensure the receipt of federal funding, in accordance with Executive Order 210, until the Governor determines an emergency no longer exists. In other words they are stealing from Paul to pay Peter.


Come on people who but our wonderful New Jersey politicians would let this happen? The people have spoken and do not want a gas tax hike. Yet the Governor, the Senate President and the Assembly Speaker want to raise the Gas Tax. Don’t these people live in the same world as we do?


I encourage you to again contact your state legislators and make known that you do not want the Gas Tax raised plus you should express your complete disbelief that the monies can not be found within the existing funds that are available to the state of New Jersey.


And yes I know that I have spoken on this subject many times and if you have not read my blogs on that subject, just use the search tool with the words “gas tax.”


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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