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NJ Transit is just a mess!

NJ Transit strike

NJ Transit is just a mess. If you don’t know, there have been so many cancellations and service suspensions this week that you are more likely to get to work in New York City by walking rather than by a train. Continue reading NJ Transit is just a mess!

New Jersey’s financial problems

Phil Murphy the Governor and taxes

Can the new Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, come up with a realistic way to fix New Jersey’s financial problems? Continue reading New Jersey’s financial problems

Goodbye and Welcome Governor


Phil Murphy the Governor

Goodbye and welcome is the theme of today’s blog. On Tuesday Governor Murphy was put into office and ex-governor Christie was out. So I thought that a song might be appropriate for ex-governor Christie. Continue reading Goodbye and Welcome Governor

Diversity is alive and well!

Phil Murphy the Governor


Well diversity is alive and well in the picks that Governor Elect Phil Murphy has publicly announced for his transition team. The team includes a number of minorities and women, I hope that Murphy is getting people that are well qualified and not just looking for minorities and/or women. Continue reading Diversity is alive and well!