I pledge not to raise taxes!

Gov Christie signing bills

“I pledge not to raise taxes” (please note that this is a paraphrasing of what Christie has said) said Chris Christie and yet he did just that with a stroke of his pen this October. He raised our Gas Tax by twenty three cents and claims this is the only tax increase he will sign as governor.


In a Politico.com article Christie said, “They will tell you that this is solvable if we just raise taxes,” Christie said, alluding to some New Jersey lawmakers. “But we cannot tax our way out of this problem. To do so, for example, would require increasing the sales tax from seven percent to ten percent or increasing the income tax on every single New Jersey taxpayer by 29 percent just to close the pension-funding gap.” What do you call the significant increase in the Gas Tax? It is no other than a raising of a tax which Governor Christie has pledged not to do as our governor. So you and the Legislature have done something that you said will not work.


Then I have to ask why did you agree to this and betrayed the people of New Jersey by doing so? “Over the course of six years now, I have been governor of New Jersey, and what we have done is stood up for the people in New Jersey who needed to be stood up for. Taxes had been increased monumentally before I became governor. We have now vetoed more tax increases than any governor in American history, according to Americans for Tax Reform. We have done the work that needs to be done to create jobs in New Jersey, to be able to give people opportunity, and make them understand the law is going to be enforced and things are going to be better in our state and across our country if we do that,” said Christie in a CNN interview when running for President.


Governor you no longer stand up for the people of New Jersey nor do you have our welfare in mind. What you are doing and have done is break the promise(s) you made and therefore have lost the confidence of New Jersey citizens. You try to defend the indefensible and your words come out of your mouth with no real truth within them. You should be ashamed of yourself; you have turned into a truly political animal! Your political morals are in the proverbial gutter and no longer carry the weight they once did. May you come to realize that you are now political toast and run away to go hide in some dark corner.


All I have to say in conclusion is the following children’s taunt- Liar, liar pants on fire!


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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