Found the new guy part 2

New Dog

This is part 2, a continuation, of Found the new guy. Well now another week has gone by and this little fellow is still very attached to me.

He is doing well. This youngster still follows me around and does not like it if go out the door without him. As we all know dogs can not go everywhere that humans can, so I have had to go out by myself to my doctor and get things I need, like food. Well as you might guess this little guy does not like that at all!

This guy runs up to the door, as I am closing it, barking. I think that he is saying in his own language “Don’t leave me home alone!” Then he runs over to the sliding door and starts jumping at it as he continues to bark. You would think that after twenty minutes or so that he would lay down and be quite.

Not this guy! I was at the doctor for a followup checkup and flu shot for a total of about two hours and guess what I found when I came home? This youngster was still barking until he saw me and only then did he stop barking.

I have been working with him so that he will not travel behind me in the house, it is really just a one bedroom condo. He does at times staying in the living room while I am putting things away in the bedroom and I have made it quite clear that he is to say out of the bathroom and utility room. It is no fun to have him try to barge into the bathroom and I am very glad that he does not try to get in there anymore!

Once in a great while he will jump up onto the bed still, I am working on that. Mostly he is getting better acquainted with all the places to walk and some of the people. He has the bad habit of barking at people to get their attention. All the while the tail is wagging like mad and he just can not understand why some are afraid of him.

In my opinion he is a great dog that needs to understand that he should not get upset when I go out without him.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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