How things have changed

War and famine

How things change and yet stay the same is the topic. Today most if not all of you have or will vote and I thought I would take about something other than the political scene.

Back in the 1930’s they had radio, newspapers, Western Union telegrams and the movies. They also had a war raging in China and Spain, the Great Depression and isolationism was rampant.

Today we still have radio, the movies and newspapers plus television, the internet and a war (not called such) against ISIS plus many other ones such as the Syrian civil war.

Unfortunately there is still starvation and death due to war and to the indifference of those in power.

So take a minute and ponder the above before reading any further.

OK, so now that I have your full attention, the point I am trying to get across is that while the times might seem more modern because we have things that were not around years ago. That does not change how people are and it most certainly does mean that we humans have gotten any better playing nicely with others.

Here is an example parallel. In the 1930’s Japan invaded China for it’s natural resources and living space. Today ISIS is grabbing land in Syria and other Middle Eastern states to have control over others and their natural resources. The same is true for Russia and the land grab it did to get part of Ukraine, a former part of the Soviet Union.

Thus I must conclude that due to the flawed human nature of too many, we still today in our very modernistic world have war and famine. What a pity it is that we human beings have not evolved as much as our computers have! Can we ever learn the lessons of the past and apply them to today? I for one say No! Not until our children are taught world history in school and understand that we should avoid repeating these stupid and greedy mistakes. Let us follow the high road, instead of lying in the dirt of the low one.

So that being all I have to say today, I will get off my electronic version of the old fashioned soapbox and say:

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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