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How things have changed

War and famine

How things change and yet stay the same is the topic. Today most if not all of you have or will vote and I thought I would take about something other than the political scene. Continue reading How things have changed

Attempted terrorist bombing

Port Authority bombing


The aftermath of an attempted bombing in New York City yesterday raises many questions with few solutions that will positively protect us. Continue reading Attempted terrorist bombing

Today is Memorial Day

Memorial Day


Today is Memorial Day; it is a day not for finding great buys, but it is a time to remember those who have died in the service of this country. From the American Revolution to the present many brave souls have departed this Earthly plane protecting those they loved from those who would harm them. Let us all remember that war in any form is not fun and games, it is guts, glory and hell on earth! Continue reading Today is Memorial Day

Hate pervades this planet

Manchester Bombing


Hate pervades this planet Earth! With the attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England yesterday, twenty two died as a result of a suicide terrorist attack. May the families of the dead somehow find peace within themselves and someday soon the truly righteous people of this planet will quash these evil groups who kill and maim those who think differently from themselves. Continue reading Hate pervades this planet