Schools getting too controlling?

Student Rights

Are our New Jersey schools getting too controlling?

The ACLU is suing the Lacey school system for suspending former students who posted photos of guns on Snapchat. It is claimed that the student’s First Amendment rights were violated.

Per News12, “The ACLU says that Lacey Township High School officials infringed on the student’s First Amendment rights for suspending the two students in March 2018 after they posted the photos from an off-campus shooting range outside of school hours.

The students, Cody Conroy and a student only identified as H.S. due to his age at the time of the suspension, were at a shooting range owned by one of Conroy’s relatives. The photos posted on Snapchat were of legally owned firearms featuring the captions “hot stuff” and “If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, you know where to go.”

Furthermore “The ACLU says that Conroy and H.S. seek several changes from the school district in order to “bolster the speech of students.”

  • A statement in the two students’ permanent records clarifying that their rights were violated by their unconstitutional punishment
  • An order for the Lacey Township School District that they will not discipline students for constitutionally protected speech outside of school settings
  • Revisions to school policies to establish that the district cannot punish students for constitutionally protected speech that occurs outside of school settings

It is time for parents and school officials to understand that one, the parents are responsible for their children’s actions and not the school. And two, that at no time should a school official have anything to do with activities that happen off-campus. After all school officials are not legally responsible for the acts of their students when those aforementioned students are not in school or at a non-school sponsored event.

Too many school superintendents has gotten into their heads the idea that they should hold their students responsible for things that have nothing to do with school. Why are they doing this is due in my opinion is the twisted idea that they are replacing the parents and that the parents are failing in doing a proper job in raising their own children.

I think that the ACLU is quite correct and that the students should not be penalized by school officials for things that happen outside of school. These children still do have rights under the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the school officials have no right to violate them!

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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