Getting from here to there

Getting from here to there in New Jersey is not always so easy as it should be. What has to be done to fix this problem follows.

So let me give you an example of how badly our transportation network is. If I want to travel from Kendall Park to Newark using a bus I would have to take the bus from Kendall Park to New Brunswick. Then take a bus to East Brunswick and from there to Edison, next you can get a bus there that will eventually take you to Newark.

Of course you could catch a train from New Brunswick to get to Newark, but I wanted to just give you a simplified version of what you would have to do.

Now imagine that you wanted to go from Kendall Park to New York City. Well that is simple, all you have to do is take the bus that goes directly there.

So now you see, if you didn’t already know that most of the time to get from here to there is not as simple or even possible in some cases. For example I live in a condominium community right off US Route 1 in Central New Jersey and there is no public transit that I can use to go anywhere from here. I have to drive myself there or use Uber or a taxi. Not exactly cost beneficent freindly or environmentally friendly way to get around.

The State of New Jersey does have a website with information on train, bus and light rail schedules. But I ask you of what good is it if you can not get from here to there? What is needed are buses that linkup with the train network so you and I can get from here to there.

Building a working transportation network is going to be a big job, but if done correctly our state would benefit greatly in the increased mass flow of people without the traffic jams we now have.

I am not saying that it would be something simple to do or that it can happen overnight. But it needs to be done and if it is not, I just think that rush hour will become total gridlock hour in the not too distant future.

So Governor Murphy get off your high horse and start working towards a goal that is both realistic and practical to make New Jersey much more commuter friendly.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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