The Drone Myth

The drone myth about what a drone can see is the topic for today’s blog. Can it see you in great detail either in your home or outside? Above is a photograph I took with my drone that uses a GoPro Hero 4 camera at an altitude of 205 feet.

And before some of you start screaming that there are drones with better resolution cameras, I will concede that point. What I am saying that a lot of drones do not have that ability and those that do are not being used (by most people) to spy on you.

Take a look at the photograph that is below this paragraph and you can see cars, people’s backyards, and people (if present). The camera was pointing straight forward and not down. Note click on the photograph and it will be enlarged.


So the answer to the question that you might be thinking now is that I like taking landscape photographs and videos. The majority of drone hobbyists are not trying to invade your privacy, whether you are outside or inside.

For a drone to be able to see inside your home the lighting would have to be very bright inside, IE matching the light levels (at the least) that are prevailing at the time outside. Or you would have to be at the window with it open.

It is a myth and here is more proof from an article done by And if you don’t believe them I feel sorry for you.

Another point should be made and this applies to the most drones, they all make noise that is annoying. Some less than others, but there is noise. So with all the noise being made, wouldn’t you look for what is making the noise? So it is extremely hard to spy on you.

In conclusion please stop being so paranoid when someone is flying a drone with a camera. The chances are that they are not spying on you. Let them enjoy themselves too.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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