No Safety Net

Property taxes

“No safety net” should be the motto of the New Jersey Legislature. If you didn’t hear about a 106 year old woman who almost lost her home that she has lived in since 1943, you have been ignoring the news.

Per 101.5 radio,A 106-year-old New Jersey woman suffering from dementia, heart issues and extreme arthritis could soon be kicked out of her house because she doesn’t have enough money to pay her property taxes. Rose Estwanick must come up with $8,400 to avoid having her property sold in a tax sale by Cranford on Sept. 18, around the time of her 107th birthday.


The woman’s daughter, Rosanne Estwanick, said her mother does not understand she may soon be forced to leave the home she’s lived in since 1943. Property taxes on the modest two-story house in a development near Unami Park this year are $9,725 — an increase of about $335 from last year, and an increase of more than $2,300 since 2010, records show.

It was not a case of not wanting to pay, but one of not having the money to. The feelings that her poor daughter must have been going through I can understand, for I almost lost my home because of high property taxes and I also wanted to pay, but did not have the money to.

When I was forced to sell my home to pay my back property taxes, Jumpin Jersey Mike’s Blog Part 2, the house had been in the family for over fifty years and it had been built for my parents. So I know that there is no safety net in place to help those who for whatever reason do not have the money to pay their property taxes.

It is past time for a fix that would lower property taxes permanently. The extremely high taxes we pay are just plain crazy and yet our legislators do nothing. And even worse is the fact that most taxpayers do nothing or if they do, it is to sell and move out of state. Back in 2014 I gave my solution, My New Jersey Property Tax Solution.

What I said then still is valid today and by the way only the kindness of strangers helped that poor 106 year old woman and her daughter, no politician could or would provide a solution.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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