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Plastic bags

An anti-plastic New Jersey bill has left a state senate committee today and it is even worse than before!

From InsiderNJ, “The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee released S2776 (Smith/Greenstein) today. The bill prohibits carryout bags made of plastic film, polystyrene foam food service products, and paper bags, and prohibits the offering of single-use plastic straws.

This is the first major step in banning plastics in New Jersey. This is the most comprehensive plastic bill in the nation because it bans paper bags as well as single-use plastic bags. This bill will also encourage more reusable bags because under the bill stores will give our free reusable bags for two months to help with the transition to no paper or plastic bags. New Jersey is becoming a national leader going after plastics and protecting our environment,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “This is a win-win-win. A win for the environment, a win for the economy, and a win for the battle against plastic pollution.”

Not only is not a win-win for the people of New Jersey, but it could hurt the small businesses of this state. And to make matter even worse they want to even ban paper bags! What an ignorant reactive bunch of idiots they and Tittel are.

The problem will not serve the people of New Jersey, but it serves only the special interest group(s). Education is the answer, not banning and the so-called idea that reusable bags are better for the environment is just ludicrous!

Reusable bags can vary from being very heavy canvas to lightweight plastic and let me tell you that the lightweight ones do not last very long at all. Plus the canvas ones can not be cleaned so that they do not become a health hazard themselves. And the idea of getting rid of paper bags makes no sense at all. After all they are fully recyclable and breakdown when exposed to weather. That makes them an environmentally friendly product, does it not?

I won’t even get started on the idea of paper straws, they are a non-starter for me.

This is a misguided attempt to fix an environmental problem caused by litter bugs. Education on this subject is needed, not the banning of. Maybe it is time to ban the legislators from making stupid reactionary legislation.

I previously wrote twice on this subject, Banning Plastic Bags and Is this the end of plastic bags?, I recommend reading these two blogs for further information.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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