Non-moving suspension gone!

NJ Drivers license

Well New Jersey has finally ended suspending your drivers license for non-moving vehicle offenses.

Governor Phil Murphy signed Bill S1080 into law on December 20th. Now you will not be suspended for certain non-moving violations.

S1080 eliminates mandatory driver’s license suspensions for certain non-moving violations. The law also repeals the driver’s license suspension required for criminal convictions related to the possession or sale of illegal drugs and removes the provision that a person’s driver’s license be suspended by operation of law upon the issuance of a child support-related warrant.

From, ““Driver’s license suspensions for reasons unrelated to moving offenses are often overly punitive and can have a disproportionate financial impact on many working-class and minority families,” said Murphy. “A stronger and fairer New Jersey includes adapting our laws to support working families and not act against them.”

Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said that whether someone is going to work or a doctor’s appointment or taking children to school, a driver’s license is a tool or “a permit to drive on our public roads. It is no more nor less than a way for us to keep our roads and drivers safe.”

“For far too long, our policies have penalized people with the loss of their driver’s licenses for offenses unrelated to driving or road safety, or because they are too poor to afford to pay their fines or surcharges,” Turner said. “A driver’s license is needed to commute to and from work, but many jobs also require a valid driver’s license just to apply. Suspending a person’s license is counterproductive.”

Finally Phil Murphy and the legislature has done something that goes against their take your money nature. This new law actually makes sense and should have come about a long time ago.

Suspending someone for non-moving offenses makes perfect sense and will help a large number of people. Now would it not be great if the state would retroactively refund all the money they took from people who had their driver’s license suspended for something that had nothing to do with driving!

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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