The Future

Nw Year 2020

New Years is tonight and many bloggers are looking backward at what happened since the turn of the 21st Century till now. I won’t be doing that. Instead let’s take a look into the future.

I will start with Climate Change or as it is better known as Global Warming. Yes, the Earth is getting warmer as the decades march on, but will the world end this coming year? The answer is no.

Glaciers will continue to prematurely melt, oceans will get warmer, our weather will be more severe and other weather phenomena will happen. Is mankind’s industrial society (or if you are so inclined humankind) the cause of what is happening. The answer is maybe.

What is true is that we have polluted our oceans, cut down trees in the Amazon Rain forest and in general we have been bad custodians of this planet. But do not let those who yell and scream about jet travel, plastic bags and such fool you into believing them. They are just like those who years ago said that we should ban paper bags and not cut down trees. Well they were wrong then and those people who are crying wolf today are just simplifying things way too much. The basic problem is that our oceans are damaged by mankind’s pollution of them, which has resulted in the reduction of seaweed and the killing of fish and reefs. The seaweed helps capture Carbon and the ocean actually naturally stores it, if given a chance to.

The world economy will not collapse in the coming New Year. Despite the predictions of a new recession by many economists who espouse Modern Economic Theory. I call what they have come up with as “Voodoo Economics.” As someone who has had classes in Macro and Micro economics plus business courses, I just think that this new theory just does not hold water at all.

Who will be the next President of the United States? Trump or one of the Democrats running is my answer. It will be the will of the American people and not that of Russia or some other foreign government, for that I am sure. Russia’s hand has been shown and with that the influence that they have had is now nullified. And no, I do not subscribe to the elimination of the Electoral College. The founders of this country realized that the larger states would dominate the election process and thus the Electoral College was written into our Constitution to level the playing field. Anyone who wants to get rid of the college is a political hack and should be disregarded in my humble opinion.

I could go on and on, but I think that you get the gist of what I am getting at. If not, here is what I am saying- “The world as we know it will not disappear or collapse tomorrow.”

So a Happy New Year to all and to all find happiness when and where you can.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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