What’s wrong with New Jersey

High property Taxes in NJ

What’s wrong with New Jersey? I know, a lot!

The taxes, from property to sales are way too high and our lovable (not!) political pundits seem to be in denial about the fact that this state is just too expensive for the Middle Class. Much less the poor.

And yet our politicians just seem to avoid the subject of reducing taxes like it was the plague. Maybe they think that if they do not address this very big problem that it will go away.

But on raising revenue they can not find fault with doing it at all! What a bunch of schmucks they must think the New Jersey taxpayers are. And maybe they are right! For it seems very few if any have raised their voices in opposition, much less have voted those who keep avoiding addressing this very pressing issue out of office.

Time and again I have raised this issue. But it seems to no avail. As not a ripple has reached the legislature. They just keep going on their merry way making completely useless legislation.

It is no wonder that many people have opted to leave the state and even worse is the fact that many big and small companies have done so also. The rats are leaving the sinking ship and when we hit bottom, watch out! The wave generated will be so big that the state itself will flounder.

Why I go on and on about this subject is a mystery to me. Maybe I am really a masochist. I think not! But whatever drives me on, I know that I am right and sooner than later the bottom will fall out and then we all will be in deep debit that this state may never get rid of.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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