Pandemic voting

Vote by mail

Due to the Corona virus pandemic voting is not going to be like it has been in the past. For most of us voting by mail will be the only option, while others will be able to use the internet to vote.

Of course a few of us will be voting in person for this Presidential Election. To see what the rules are for your state here is a way you can use to find that information. Just go to your Google search window and type how to vote yourstatename and hit the search button. All the information that you might want to know or need will be displayed.

Most of use will be using a mail-in ballot and a lot of controversy has been stirred up by certain people, I am sure you know who, that your vote might not count. One of the problems that have been pointed out is that “Thousands of mail-in ballots routinely arrive without a postmark or one that isn’t legible.” This can cause these ballots to not be counted (in New Jersey the postmark will not be a problem).

So what can you do? Well in New Jersey, as in many states, you can either take it to the post office or find out where your local ballot drop off box is. In many cases you will find that it is a city (township) building or you could go to the county elections office and they will have a drop off box also. I would either call your local county clerk’s office or use a search engine to find out where you can drop off your ballot. I would recommend using a drop off box instead of mailing the ballot if you can because of the fact that the post office might deliver it too late or without a legible postmark.

Voting in person will be available in my state, New Jersey, with the following provisions, “require a minimum of at least one polling place in each municipality and a minimum of 50 percent of polling places in each county to provide New Jersey voters with access to in-person voting opportunities, including accommodations for voters with disabilities. All public schools will close for in-person instruction on November 3rd to allow counties to use their buildings as polling locations, if necessary. Polling locations will be required to follow public health standards, including ensuring six feet of distance, requiring poll workers to wear face coverings and gloves, frequent sanitization of high-touch areas, and providing sanitization materials to all individuals at a polling place.” I would check with your county elections commission to find where a polling place local to you is available.

I will point out the following fact, because I voted by mail for the primary I recently received a verification that my vote was counted via the mail. So I am not as afraid of voter fraud as much as I was before receiving this notification. Hopefully voter fraud will not happen too much for this election.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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