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Here we go again

Money car[symple_spacing size=”40″]Here we go again. The Republicans, the party who is against spending money, now are talking about raising the Federal Gas Tax. Why raise it now you might ask? Because they can is my answer and they think that because the price of gasoline is now way down this is the time to get more money from the driving public. Continue reading Here we go again

Open Space and Business

The New Jersey Shrinking Dollar.
The New Jersey Shrinking Dollar.

[symple_spacing size=”80″]Question 2 on the ballot for this coming Tuesday asks if you the voter wants to dedicate another two percent of the monies collected from the Corporation Business Tax to create and preserve open space via an amendment to the state constitution. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is not, for one thing what revenue source will be used to replace the two percent taken and how will we know that these funds are not used for some other purpose. After all there is no such thing as a truly Dedicated Fund!

Of course this sounds like a great thing to vote for, but is it? I have to agree it will do things that need to be done, but the State of New Jersey is so far in debt that its’ credit rating is not that great. And what about fixing the economic problems we already have. Such as we do not have a great appeal to any businesses that are thinking of coming into New Jersey. We as a state are not thought as business friendly, in fact we are rated way down the list. So far down the list that we are last! Past administrations and political institutions are partly to blame for this situation and even today the no one wants to really address the basic problem. If more businesses could be attracted to the state, then there really would be no need for the two percent increase that Ballot Question Number 2 asks for. Continue reading Open Space and Business

Are Dedicated Funds really dedicated. The answer will surprise you!

SNC01301[symple_spacing size=”80″]Welcome to my inaugural blog. It is my hope that I touch upon relevant issues in all my blogs that will be written on a weekly basis. Mostly the blogs will have something relevant to New Jersey issues, but sometimes they may address national ones also.

The funding for maintaining our road system, including the construction of new roads, is in great trouble. The fund, called the Transportation Trust Fund is just about broke. The way money is collected is via a tax on gasoline. That’s right every time you fill up your tank you are being taxed, both by the state and national governments, to maintain the roads. Have you looked at our roads recently? So many potholes, so many roads and bridges in need of repair or replacement.  Governor Christie states that our Transportation Trust Fund is just about depleted and the National Government says their fund is going broke too! Continue reading Are Dedicated Funds really dedicated. The answer will surprise you!