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George Norcross

It seems even those who have are politically naive can do something that accidentally will help the New Jersey taxpayer. Governor Murphy has George Norcross and company in his sights about the misuse of tax credits by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Per the Observer Continue reading George Norcross

Shutdown of our state government

NJ state budget

Will the 2019 New Jersey State budget pass and get signed by Governor Murphy on time or will there be a shutdown of our state government? Continue reading Shutdown of our state government

Steve Sweeney

Phil Murphy Vs Sweeney

Steve Sweeney might be the roadblock that could kill Governor Phil Murphy’s plans to increase New Jersey’s sales tax and hike taxes on millionaires. Continue reading Steve Sweeney

The failure of government

NJ Senate President


The failure of government makes me ask the following- “Why are our state and local governments failing us?” it is a question that many have been thinking about more and more lately. Our elected officials talk about everything but the high taxes that the people of New Jersey continue to endure.


Well that might have changed as our Governor is now hinting at some form of tax reform. My thoughts are why has the Governor waited so long and can our taxes be lowered to reasonable rates or is it too late to fix this serious problem? Continue reading The failure of government