The Blizzard of 2016

Blizzard of 2016


A massive snow storm hit the country and paralyzed whole states as it swept in. It was a blizzard because of the high speed winds which caused whiteout conditions at times.

We knew it was coming because of the weather service predictions, yet it was more than predicted. Unfortunately some here on the East Coast have perished and many were stranded during the height of the blizzard. But must of us survived without a scratch; just a backache from shoveling the large amount of snow covering our driveways and sidewalks.


The unsung heroes of the blizzard are the snowplow drivers, the emergency workers (be they government employees or work for a utility) and of course the police. All of them fought back against this storm to make us safe as possible from harm. So let us all remember them and thank them for their part in keeping us the public safe and warm.


One thing I must point out is if you happen to find yourself driving in any snow storm, please remember to turn on your headlights, leave extra distance to stop and slow down. The life you might save might be mine!


I thought it would be nice to write a little poem about the blizzard of 2016. It is about my dog and myself walking through the storm. The following poem is loosely based on the “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.


The Blizzard of 2016


Two feet, two feet,

Two feet of snow,

All in the valley of snow

Strode the one dog and his master.

“Onward, you giant munchkin!

Keep walking so you go!” the master said.

Into the valley of snow

Strode the one dog and his master.


“Onward, you giant munchkin!”

Where are the sidewalks thought the confused dog.

Only a few are clear the master knew

Someone must clear them.

The owners reason to do or cry.

Into the valley of snow

Strode the one dog and his master.


Snow to the right of them,

Snow to the left of them,

Snow in front of them

Cars whizzing by them;

Pelted at by the sound of the snowplow

As it roars by throwing snow and sparks,

Boldly we strode and well,

Into the frozen wasteland of snow,

Into the mouth of this snow and ice hell

Strode the one dog and his master.


Snow to right of the dog and his master,

Snow to left of the dog and his master.

Snow behind them

The snowplow roared and thundered as it went by;

Sparks flew from beneath the plow and the snow flew.

The snow storm is over and now comes the cleanup,

Back from the mouth of hell,

All that was left of the blizzard of 2016,

Is about two feet of snow.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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