Snow Storm Etiquette

Snow storm


Snow storm etiquette is the topic of this particular blog and I know it needs to be addressed after seeing what happened in the first snow storm of 2016. What is this etiquette that I am talking about? Well it is how we should act towards others and maybe something we should all carry into our everyday world.


While snow is still on the ground take a good look in your area and see if all the sidewalks are clear, are there any driveways that still need some attention and are there any cars/trucks/suvs that need to be cleaned off? Maybe the reason that snow is still in places it should not be is because the person or persons who are responsible can not do what has to be done. They may be too old, handicapped, or incapacitated because that they have a limb in a cast.


You have to ask yourself if a neighbor might need your help because for some reason they can not do it themselves. Have you ever done this or you are just too involved in your own world to notice that someone needs help. Wouldn’t you want to be helped if you could not shovel the snow and could not afford to pay someone to do it? Be honest with yourself and start to think about others. I am not asking you to be a Boy (Girl) Scout about it, just that there are kind things that as neighbors we can do for each other.


Here in Central New Jersey we got almost two feet of snow and this does not include how high drifting snow piled up. It was most fortunate that it was not a heavy snowfall and that it occurred over the weekend. Yet, as I look around me most were able to clear their driveways and sidewalks. But some lazy people and you know who you are, have not cleared their sidewalks as of today! And today is over three days after the storm ended, what is wrong with you people? Do you need the police to come and tell you to clear it or get a ticket? There are always a good number of chronic non-shovelers, I do not understand why.


So the next time it snows remember to clear your driveway, sidewalks and your car(s) off. Then look around to see if any of your neighbors might need help and go be a good person. You might even feel good after doing it! To those who feel that they are too lazy to do the right thing, too bad for you. State law says you have to completely clear your vehicle of snow plus remember that you can not shovel snow into the street from your property. And many municipalities/towns/cities have ordinances that require you to clean your sidewalks off so many hours after the storm passes or get a big fine.


Remember we are not all alone in this world and have the responsibility to not cause harm or undue inconvenience to others. A good motto to follow is it is better to offer help and be turned down rather than to never have offered at all.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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