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The Snow Storm

I thought I would talk about the snow storm. Before I do I just to tell everyone that I was under the weather last week. Feeling better now and nothing to do with Covid-19.

The storm started here in Central New Jersey well before the time Continue reading The Snow Storm

Idling in New Jersey equals ticket

Cars surrender to the snow

Did you know that idling your vehicle too long can get you a ticket, whether or not it is on private or public property? And you must clean the snow off your vehicle before driving away. Continue reading Idling in New Jersey equals ticket

Snow Storm Etiquette

Snow storm


Snow storm etiquette is the topic of this particular blog and I know it needs to be addressed after seeing what happened in the first snow storm of 2016. What is this etiquette that I am talking about? Well it is how we should act towards others and maybe something we should all carry into our everyday world. Continue reading Snow Storm Etiquette