Kim Guadagno

Kim Guadagno


Today I continue with one of the Republican candidates for governor, Kim Guadagno who right now is the Lieutenant Governor.


She has a campaign website which starts out by asking for your support then you see her slogan, “For A Better New Jersey Lowering property taxes. Growing Jersey jobs. Improving education. Our campaign for a better New Jersey starts with you.” It then goes on to say that she is a military mom, a former prosecutor and this state’s first Lieutenant Governor. It leaves out the fact that she was elected Sheriff for Monmouth County New Jersey, the first woman by the way.


While she has been a Christie supporter, she does not support all his positions. Such as she supports a woman’s right to abortion and unlike the Governor she did not support Donald Trump for President. Her big problem is that she has been hidden behind Christie’s political shadow and his very big shadow has not let her be known to the voting public of New Jersey.


Now that is her major stumbling block, being a political unknown, even if she gets major party backing Guadagno will have a very steep hill to climb to get out the word on what she stands for. What does standout for me is that while she is a Republican, she is not a hard line right winger. She seems to be more toward the political center than her boss Christie.


Will she get any support from the national party is a question mark because she did not support Trump for President and I can not see our President supporting her just because she is a Republican.


One of her big promises is to cut property taxes– “she would slash New Jersey’s notoriously high property taxes by up to $3,000 a year for homeowners who pay more than 5 percent of their household income on school taxes.


This would cut property taxes by $1.5 billion annually across New Jersey and aims to benefit those ‘who need property tax relief the most’, such as younger residents, middle-class families, and senior citizens.


It’s the kind of plan all sides can support. It’s directed at millennials living in their parents’ house because they can’t afford their own and working families struggling to avoid foreclosure, where $3,000 would make all the difference in the world.

The how is as follows, “getting $250 million in savings from a complete audit of state government, $500 million from adjusting state aid to “overfunded districts,” $1 billion from annual revenue growth, $2.5 billion in health-care savings, and up to $1 billion in savings from decreased participation in other tax relief programs, such as the Homestead and Senior Freeze programs.” It should be noted that a homeowner could only pick one program at a time and none of the programs would be cut. Is it realistic? Only time will tell if she becomes governor.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike





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