Immigration Reform

Immigration reform


Immigration is still important to our national economy, but those coming here without the proper papers has flared into a dispute with those who think that the so called illegal immigrants have rights and those who say that they do not.

Alliance for Citizenship states the following on their online website, “The U.S. immigration system as it currently exists no longer works. We need practical solutions that benefit all of us and that put the 11 million undocumented persons currently living and working in the U.S. on the path to citizenship, that unite families, and that assure the fair treatment of both immigrant and native-born workers.

  • Immigration reform must promote economic opportunity. We renew our commitment to helping all low-income Americans improve their job prospects and move up the economic ladder towards the American Dream.
  • Immigration reform must be comprehensive. Unless we tackle the broken immigration system as a whole, we fail to solve the problem at hand.
  • Long-term reform requires long term solutions. The factors shaping immigration are not just domestic; the issue transcends our borders. As such, our relationships with other countries matter. We must deal with the domestic aspect of this issue and work in partnership with other countries over time to develop long-term strategies.

I agree that our immigration polices are so bad that it blocks many who have valid reasons for coming here to live ‘The American Dream’ and yet I must disagree with both those who think that illegal immigrants are entitled to some rights automatically. Also I do not think that we should make it so hard to come here, either economically or physically.


What is not needed is for those who came here without going through the proper channels to be able to be put on the path of citizenship. They need to leave and some of them should never come back. Mostly those who have committed a crime, be it above the level of a petty one, should never gain any form of rights to stay here at all. But those who think that by crossing into the United States without permission (IE going through the proper immigration channels) gives these people some kind of right(s) are so misguided that it is not funny.

From an article in US News, “DACA reproduces a false distinction between those who are framed as “deserving immigrants” and those who are not. It further reinforces the now common category of the “illegal,” which is not a result of individual moral failing or disregard for law and fairness, but results from sectors of the labor market dependent on immigrants and is a term that exemplifies an outdated immigration process.” Many illegals took their children with them and these youngsters have only known what it is like to live here in the USA for most of their lives. These people do deserve to go through a process that allows most to stay and yet Congress just sits on its hands and does nothing to fix this problem. President Obama had through his Presidential powers issued an order to create a process to allow them to legally stay. Now President Trump has suspended this order to force Congress to create a legal process through a bill to enable these children to legally stay.


Today’s blog is getting a little long and I will continue it next Tuesday.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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