Election for Governor of New Jersey

2017 campaign

It is a little under two weeks till the election for Governor of New Jersey and I thought I would talk about the commercials that the two major candidates are putting up.

I will start with Mr. Murphy, you can see his ads on YouTube if you have not caught them on the television. His first ad has Mr. Murphy exclaiming that his campaign will not be politics as usual and that he is for the middle class. This is interesting as a later ad is an attack ad in which he alludes to ‘Bridgegate’ and how we in New Jersey are stuck. Phil is using a wide brush to paint Guadagno as being the same as Governor Christie. Unfortunately he and many others do not understand that like the Vice President of the United States, Guadagno does not really have veto power on what Governor Christie does.

In his ‘Dishes Vote‘ ad he talks about how as a child his boss was stealing his pay. Somehow I get the feeling that Murphy is really talking about how he thinks the Republicans are misusing your tax money and he also says that he’ll have our back. How interesting it is that he talks about money being stolen and how he will stand up for us taxpayers. Yet he campaigns that he will fully fund the state employee pension fund and gives no valid answer on how we could afford to do this. Over ten billion dollars is needed and his proposals only would cover about five billion dollars worth, so how about less talk and more on exactly how he would find the rest of the money needed without raising taxes on the middle class?

His next ad is entitled ‘Unaffordable‘ talks about Christie giving tax breaks to large corporations and cutting funding to women’s healthcare plus how property taxes are up. Well how would you bring in more jobs Mr. Murphy? Where would the money come from for women’s healthcare and the municipalities (towns/cities) are the ones who control the property taxes for the most part, so what would you do Phil?

In his ads Mr. Murphy has not answered what he would do in any detail, so how about it Phil are you too scared to give exact details to fix New Jersey’s problems or are you too afraid that the people will find out that you have no plan(s) that would stand the light of day?

Next week I will do Kim Guadagno and I will tell it like I see it for her.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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