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NJGov debates


The New Jersey gubernatorial race is coming up quickly to the time that you will have to vote for our new governor. And I thought that my readers might be interested who else is running.

But first I would like to make the following observation. I watched the televised second debate between Murphy and Guadagno yesterday to see if either candidate had anything new to say; guess it was entertaining but nothing really new. Murphy did not directly answer questions on how exactly he would fund all the things that he wants to do and Guadagno tried to distance herself from the present governor. I would like to say that Guadagno should be looked upon the same a Vice President of the United States, she does not have any real power to tell Chris Christie what to do. So how is she responsible for what Christie has done is beyond me.

The other candidates running are as follows:


Peter Rohrman, an operations director for an internet-service provider


Seth Kaper-Dale, the pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park


Gina Genovese, the former mayor of Long Hill in Morris County and a small business owner running under the banner “Reduce Property Taxes”

Matthew Riccardi, a Neptune resident running under the banner “Put NJ 1st”

Vincent Ross, an Edison resident running under the banner “We the People”


Who are these people and do they have any chance of influencing the race for governor? Unfortunately they were not included in either of the two scheduled debates and thus the people of New Jersey were deprived of their thoughts on how they would govern New Jersey. Why were they excluded, well they do not have a large enough supporter base to justify them being included. It would have made the debate much more interesting than it was.

At least now you know that there are others running who do not represent mainstream politics and you should at least consider one of them if you do not like either of the two mainstream candidates.

I for one know that the political process has become too polarized by the news media. They seem to think that there is only a left and a right with no one in the middle politically. I hate to tell these commentators that most people tend towards the middle and yet those who are supposed to know what is going on in politics just want to get the best ratings possible by ignoring the truth that the middle is where most people tend to be.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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