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Climate Change

Global warming

Our weather has been showing signs of climate change. You may believe in it or be a denier, but the climate changes are very real.

Some of you might say that it is just a new weather cycle never seen before. Continue reading Climate Change

Banning Plastic Bags

Plastic bags

Banning plastic bags will not help the environment as much as its advocates say. New York is the latest state to ban single use plastic bags.

The problem is that the ban will not really do what the politicians and environmentalists make you think it will. Continue reading Banning Plastic Bags

The case against brining

Brining roadway

The case against brining is the topic of today’s blog. Is it good for you, your vehicle and the environment?

Per NJ 101.5, “it’s more likely to stay and work where it lands, creating a safer path for motorists. Continue reading The case against brining

Is this the end of plastic bags?

Plastic bags

Is this the end of plastic bags for carrying your groceries home? Governor Murphy has not as yet signed the Plastic bag fee bill (A-3267). If he does it means you will have to pay a nickel for each plastic bag a store gives you to use to carry your purchases home. Continue reading Is this the end of plastic bags?