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History has nothing to do with gender, orientation or ethnicity. The LBGT community and the progressives think that it matters enough that they have persuaded two states to teach about those in this community in an historical context. Continue reading History

State of the State

Christie State of the State


This week the Governor Christie did his annual State of the State speech and said a lot plus put down a number of others. It seems that Christie has transitioned easily back into the Governor of New Jersey only mode quite quickly and taken to task the Democrats for some of the stupid (per Christie) things they have done recently. Continue reading State of the State

Zero Tolerance should be abolished

Zero Tolerance


Zero tolerance is not realistic at all and should be abolished wherever it is now a policy or part of law. We are human beings and therefore fallible. Somehow those who came up with this concept did not take that into account. After all human beings are not perfect, only in our dreams do we seem that way. Continue reading Zero Tolerance should be abolished

Kim Davis Vs. Same-Sex Marriage

County Clerk Kim Davis

Kim Davis Vs. Same-Sex marriage is the topic of today’s blog.  Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has many critics and admirers for what she is doing. In defiance of a Federal Judge Ms. Davis has refused to bow to his authority in the matter of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. For her it is a matter of religious belief in which says to her that same-sex marriage is an abomination and therefore not allowed. Continue reading Kim Davis Vs. Same-Sex Marriage