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Is the glass half full or empty?

Cruz and Kasich perfect together


Some people see the glass half full or half empty, well to me it is half full as it is filled up and half empty as it is being emptied of its contents. The half full or empty test is a physiological reading on your state of mind. Well I do not subscribe to this test as there is no third option. Maybe both Ted Cruz and John Kasich should take this test as they both seem to have gotten the idea that they should be the sole arbitrators of the Republican Party. Continue reading Is the glass half full or empty?

Political electioneering gone awry



This past Tuesday was Election Day and all of the Assembly seats were up for election. I received some election literature from the New Jersey Democratic Committee that went point by point on the positives and negatives between their candidates and the Republican incumbents. Well now I am going to refute the Democrat’s falsehoods point by point. Continue reading Political electioneering gone awry